Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well-worn couches, well-worn Mammas...

As promised, I will occasionally post things I find interesting, curious, emotive and/or d!@mn stupid. Thusly, in keeping with the title of my blog and my favorite stage play EVER, my first nominee for the inaugural 2007 "Mamma-On-The-Couch" Award goes to:

Sherri Shepherd, the newest member of that horrible talk show "The View," for not knowing if the world is round or flat! Her excuse for not knowing was that she was too busy trying to figure out how to feed her "chirren" and keep a roof over her head to be concerned with it - and surely, like every good Mamma, to "make sho u wipe yo feets when u com 'nta dis houz!" How do these iggies continue to get paid - by perputuating the stereotype of course, and Baba Wawa and Hasselback ate it up.

I heard she clarified it the next day, but I still think she is, as Left-Eye put it, a Silly Ho.

By the way, I'm looking for a "Miss Raj" candidate... more on that later.

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